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Leopard print

Leopard print shoes are marching in

In the wilderness of the urban jungle, a new and yet well-known fashion favourite crystallises: Leopard prints. From the palette of animal prints such as zebra, tiger and snake patterns, which were last season's favourites, leopard prints especially enjoy year-round popularity. It is worth the investment in leopard print shoes, boots or summery sandals, because this is a recurring trend that enjoys a status as a fashion classic, despite its wildness. That is how you successfully and optimally balance trend awareness and classical stylishness.

Wild Mix and Match

Animal Prints reflect the wild side in every woman, reminding us of distant lands where we experience safaris on the sprawling african savanna. The colours of the savanna with its beige, brown and ochre tones are reflected in the original colour palette of leopard prints. Also with new interpretations in striking, colourful tones, we capture the pulse of the time and are reminded of punk elements – especially in its purple-pink facets, which combine to form the desirable contrast of typical black leopard print spots. A current, major trend in neon colours is also up and coming. Whether in neon green, yellow, orange or other loud colours, lively statements are in, bringing Animal Prints even more to life. Wear neutral colours in order to best complement our eye-catching elements, and take the the fast track to success in style. Those who love snake prints, a fashion fave established last season, can move to the leopard prints of big cats and attract every eye. Tip for combination experts: Even with wild pattern combinations, breaking up styles with an all-over leopard print is now totally trendy. Allow yourself all things that are fun, likeable and bring out your personality.

A loud \"Roar\" from the Peter Kaiser shoe shelves

Those who are still unsure about individual animal print outfits can simply begin by matching leopard print shoes. At Peter Kaiser, leopard prints are available on trainers, leopard boots, sandals with leopard prints, as well as handbags. With the variety Peter Kaiser leopard shoes on offer, your introduction to the wild side is easy. High-quality materials like soft suede lend a comfortable wearing experience that promises long-lasting joy. High-quality workmanship is especially important to us at Peter Kaiser. Wear all these shoes in animal prints, and they will roam the concrete jungle. Pairing with shoes in leopard print is easier than jumping directly into wild pattern mixes. Leopard shoes also form a stylish base that enhances every sleek outfit. As you can see, there are no limits to creativity. So, what are you waiting for? Let's go on a hunt for the best leopard print shoes at Peter Kaiser. Whether a sleek or an eye-catching model – at Peter Kaiser's online shop you're guaranteed to find your personal wildlife dream!