Are there additional costs for deliveries outside the EU?

Deliveries outside the EU are VAT-free. The import taxes of the country of destination are supported by the costumer. Those costs are neither invoiced nor paid for by us. The import fees are different in every country and are due, even when the goods are returned to us. Should you return any goods, you may claim back the import fees from your local tax office. Each client must apply for its own tax refund in the export customs declaration and must enclose proof of the re-export of the goods. Your tax office will provide you with the necessary information on the matter.

May I choose to return the package unfree?

Unfree packages will not be accepted.

Why can’t I pay on account?

Other than credit assessment, payment on account may be refused for one of the following reasons:

- Billing and delivery address are different.

- The address has an input error, e.g. a wrong postal code.

- The client is not identifiable from the address, e.g. corporate address

- An invoice from our shop is overdue


Where do I insert my gift voucher’s code?

Please place the desired items in your shopping cart. In the first ordering step you will find a field under the article list, where you can insert your gift voucher’s code. Please note that it is not possible redeem gift vouchers after the transaction is closed.

Will the forwarding expenses of the return be refunded?

Forwarding expenses for returns are not refunded.

May I exchange my order for another article?

The exchange of your order for another article or the same article in a different size is not possible, as the automatic return scan system generates a credit and the monies are automatically returned to you.


Please do not enclose a new order to the returned goods.

Is there a minimum Order Value?

No, there is no minimum order value.

However, vouchers can only be used in orders over 100€. (Excluded Special Vouchers)

Are there additional costs to the methods of payment?

We do not charge any additional costs to the methods of payment.

What if after my order no confirmation mail arrives.

First, check your inbox to see if the email was moved to a SPAM or advertising folder. If you find nothing, it can be that the order was canceled. Make sure that you have made a payment on the payment you have chosen. (For Paypal or credit card, you will see this immediately. In the case of a bank transfer, it can take up to 3 days.) If this is the case, please contact our support team. We will be glad to help you.

How do I order from Switzerland?

You may order easily through MeinEinkauf.ch with low delivery costs and WITHOUT custom’s taxes.

Please proceed as follows:


1. Register at MeinEinkauf.ch. You will obtain a personalized email address name.surname@meineinkauf.ch.


2. Place your order in our shop using your personalized meineinkauf.ch email address.


3. Please use as delivery AND billing address only:


MeinEinkauf GmbH

Max-Stromeyer-Strasse 160

D-78467 Konstanz


4. All information about orders and deliveries will be automatically forwarded from your name.surname@meineinkauf.ch email address to your private email address. The MeinEinkauf.ch team will be informed about your order status, so that the order can be sent without delay to your home address in Switzerland. You may access the status of your order within 48 hours under „My orders“ at www.meineinkauf.ch.

5. You pay for the goods directly in our shop. With the goods you will receive a separate invoice for the service charge from MeinEinkauf.ch.


May I use a different delivery address?

You may choose a delivery address which differs from the billing address. Please note that delivery address and billing address must be in the same country. Should you choose two different addresses, you will not be able to pay on account.

Do I get a free return label?

For deliveries within Germany we provide a free return label, with which you can return goods to us at no cost. The return labels are in the package. Please note that returns are only free with our return label.


We will not refund any postage fees. Returns from abroad are not free. The costumer must return the goods at its own cost.

Can I pick up my orderd goods at PETER KASER Stores?

Collecting the goods at our premises is not possible. The articles are stored in a central logistic warehouse and are sent from there.

May I redeem a gift voucher after placing the order?

Gift vouchers are only redeemable during the ordering process. A subsequent redeeming through the service hotline is not possible.

What should I do if my payment is refused when placing an order?

If your payment has been refused, please try it again in which you log- out and in to your User-Account. Please check your payment details to ensure they are correct and then resubmit your order. You can also select an alternative payment method. For further details on why your payment was refused, please contact your bank or payment provider.

When will my Order be Sent out?

Gods will be handed over to the carrier as soon as the payment is credited to our bank account. (Monday - Friday)

Which is your Logistic-Partner?

We work with  DHL. DHL delivers packages from Monday till Saturday. Out of Germany, it can be that DHL passes the consignment to another.


What happens, when I am not at home at the time of delivery?

Should DHL not be able to deliver the package, you will receive a delivery note, with which you may pick up the package at the designated post office. Please note that you have to exhibit your ID when picking up the package. Alternatively you may fill out the delivery note and apply for a new delivery date, authorize your neighbour to receive the package or indicate a new delivery address.

What should I consider when a withdrawal?

The goods must be in the original condition and bear no wearing marks .
We will not accept the return of goods damaged by improper or negligent use.
You may find further iformation about revocation under https://www.peter-kaiser.de/en/Right-of-Withdrawal/

For how long is a gift voucher valid?

Gift vouchers are valid for one year after issue date and cannot be used together with other discounts. Gift vouchers are valid for purchases over 100 €.

How does the MasterCard® SecureCode™ work?

MasterCard® SecureCode™ is an authentication process for a more secure online shopping. Within the ordering process the online shop will send an enquiry to the bank. The bank will open an inline-window in your browser and ask for a personal security code, the SecureCode™, which is only known by you.


We are not involved in this process. This security enquiry is part of the transaction and takes only a few seconds to complete. You are able to shop comfortably and securely with advanced security.


The authentication procedure:

1. Card number and personal data are entered as in the usual internet payment proceedings.

2. The online shop sends an enquiry to the bank regarding the authorization of the card payment.

3. The bank opens an inline-window in order to identify the card holder.

4. The MasterCard® Secure Code™ is inserted and validated.

5. The bank confirms the identity of the card holder.

6. Transaction is closed.


Please ask your bank, if the SecureCode™ service is available for your MasterCard®. This information is often to be found on the website of your bank.

Please contact your bank for more information on how to register for MasterCard® SecureCode™.