Secure shopping

We use SSL processing. The personal data you send us ("My orders", "My delivery addresses ", "My password" and the check-out-process steps 2 to 5) are therefore encrypted and cannot be seen by third parties. Your password however is your most effective protection. It should never be disclosed to anyone and should be kept safe. We hold strictly to the data protection regulations and governing laws. Your data will only be used to process the orders and to improve our services and will never be disclosed to any third party without your consent. You may find further information in our GCS.


Available payment methods

We offer various payment methods for your best convenience. Please find hereunder all necessary information for you to choose what suits you best.


Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Amercian Express)

You may pay in an easy and secure way with your credit card (MasterCard or VISA). We will charge your card only when the order is accepted. Should you return the item, your credit card will be charged back. Your credit card data is encrypted and transferred through secure SSL-processing. The high security standards and the SecureCode-processing allows secure shopping with credit card at PETER KAISER.

Provider: BS PAYONE GmbH (HRB 28985), American Express Payment Service Limited (HRB 85745)



You need an active PayPal-account. The payment is made through the PayPal-website and can be concluded with a few steps. Delivery takes place immediately upon payment.

Provider: PayPal (Europe) S.à.r.l. & Cie, S.C.A (B 118349)



(plus 2,50 € | non-refundable)

With payment against invoice through Payolution we offer you the most demanded payment method. Quick and free of risk. 

PETER KAISER will assign the credit within the scope of a factoring contract to Payolution GmbH ab. Payments must be made to Payolution GmbH.

Bank: net-m Privatbank 1891
Account owner: net-m Privatbank 1891 AG
IBAN: DE75700131000000150398
Amount and description: (Please see your invoice)

 Provider: payolution GmbH (FN359641i), net-m Privatbank 1891 (HRB 68452)


We work with the direct banking services of Payment Network AG. With sofort-banking you authorize the transfer of monies directly through your online banking account when placing your order. PETER KAISER will receive a confirmation of the transfer of monies in real time. Delivery takes place immediately after receipt of the monies.

Provider: BS PAYONE GmbH (HRB 28985)